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VOL. #2  April 2000

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Published by Big Show Foods

P.O. Box 684

Wake Forest, North Carolina 27588



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John Boy and Billy

Sweet and Spicy Swiss style Steak

4 cubed steaks

1 small chopped onion

2 tsp. minced garlic

2 - 14.5 oz cans Italian style stewed tomatoes

1/2 cup spicy grillin' sauce

6 oz package of egg noodles- cooked as directed

Sauté cube steaks, onion, and garlic until cubed steaks are brown. Do not drain. Add tomatoes and grillin' sauce. Stir well. Cover and simmer

for 30-45 minutes. Smother noodles in the sauce.

Regular stewed tomatoes and regular Grillin' sauce can be used for a not so spicy variety.


Sherry Griswold

Altha, FL


Great Snack Idea

Got a great snack idea for you boys!!! Me and all the JB &B boys who are also
 Robert Earle Keene fans, have found a GREAT MUNCHIE!! Get yo'self some
 goooood HOT SKINS and some of your AWSOME JB & B BB'Q Hot &Spicy Sauce. A
 bowl of sauce, a little dippin' of skins and you got yourself a party for your
 palate! AUAUAUAUAUAU!!!!
 From your JB&B Director of Golf Relations.



You will need:
1 can of  Spam,  1 jar John Boy and Billy’s Grillin Sauce,  1 large oven safe dish.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
Take oven safe dish and pour 1/2 a bottle of John Boy and Billy’s Grillin Sauce in it then sit to  the side.

Slice the Spam. Lay it side by side in dish on top of the Grillin Sauce.

Pour the rest of the John Boy and Billy’s Grillin Sauce on top. Now throw it in the oven and cook  about 30 min. or to your liking.
This recipe taste really good between two slices of white bread or with can of Biscuits.
Thank you very much for asking about the recipe. hope ya'll like it.
Love ya , mean it. hugs and kisses .

Kathy Cobb
Fortson, Georgia


(No Relation to Coach Cobb)


Bring Home The Bacon

This recipe is best when used at your favorite racetrack.  Beware of any fires that may start due to the grease from the bacon. Get your griddle warm. Take your favorite brand of bacon and cook it on the grill until it is cooked to your satisfaction. Pour John Boy and Billy's Grillin Sauce on top of the pile of bacon.

Then you are ready to eat.


Chloe Pollard

Piggott, AR


Delicious Barbecued Steak Dinner

(Supper if you're from the South)
Take steak (any cut will do; I used chuck steak) and pound with a meat tenderizer until flat. Pour 1/4 bottle of JB&B Grillin' Sauce in large bowl, add 1/2 cup warm water, stir until well blended. Add one steak at a time,turning each over in bowl until thoroughly coated; until bowl is is about 3/4 of the way full. If you have more steak thanbowl, repeat several times (unless of course, you like washing dishes!). Cover bowl with aluminum foil,  let sit in a warm place for about 1-2 hours.You can also let sit overnight in your 'fridge to really lock in the flavor.Place steaks on hot barbecue about 3 inches above coals; turn every 5 minutes for even browning. Brush on remaining sauce from bowl before removing from barbecue to sear to steak. Approximate cooking time for well done steaks is 30 minutes. Serve with fresh boiled corn on the cob and garlic bread (to really set off the saucy flavor in the mouth).
Rebecca Morrison

Kings Mountain, NC


John Boy and Billy's Hamburgers

John boy and Blly heres how I use the grilling sauce. Take about a one and half pounds of lean hamburger and dice up 2 or 3 slices of onion. Add a quarter to half of cup of John Boy and Billy's Grillin Sauce. Mix it in with the onions and when you are done you make patties 3/4 to 1 inch thick and you  can either fry them in a pan or on the grill. This one of the best burgers that I  have ever had.


Conrad Grenier
Ormond Bch. FL.






Hi Guys (and you too Jackie). I listen to show on WQNS

In Waynesville North Carolina. I have been listening to

Yall gab about John Boy and Billy’s Grillin Sauce till

I had to get some.


Man Yall done GOOD! Great stuff, tell ya a good recipe

For it.


Get a Big ole Boston Butt (Im not talking about Ted Kennedy)…

Put it on the smoker for about 8 hours basting once an hour,

Use hickory and mesquite chips and a little beer in the water bowl.

Then let it sit (set in Tennessee) overnight.


Cut it up or tear it apart. Put it in a big pan. Pour John Boy

And Billy’s Grillin Sauce all over it and slow roast for about

2 hours and get the Beer ready!


Hey maybe you could make a fans cookbook? One thing does

worry me about your grillin sauce. On the ingredient list something

called “Xanthan gum” is listed. I hope that’s not what John Boy

puts under his desk during the show.


Love Ya!

Dave Harter

Address Unknown




This recipe was sent in (with help from Rudy) by Drake, a beer drinking labador retriver. It’s  Our first  recipe from a “talking dog”. That Bush Bean guy is not the only one that has a talking dog. Picture to follow………………….


Take a pine board and cover it with John Boy and Billy’s Grillin Sauce.

Lay a Nannie shad on the plank and set it facing an open camp fire or grill.

While it is cooking continue to apply the John Boy and Billy Grillin Sauce generously to the shad, and plank and drink lots of beer or good corn liquor (this  is important).

After an hour or so the fish should be tender and ready for removing from the plank.

Cover the plank with more John Boy and Billy Grillin Sauce and put it on the fire until it is chared ( keep drinking ). After the plank is chared remove it from the fire and break the plank into small peices.

Throw the nannie shad away and serve the plank with more John Boy and Billy Grillin Sauce and lots of cold beer to wash it down! (see why drinking is so important).  


address unknown

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